The Best Learning Games, Part 4: Preschoolers

March 20, 2016

In the previous posts in this series on the best learning games, I listed some of the best math and language related games. In this post, I take a look at games intended primarily for preschoolers. This is an interesting target group for learning games, given that designing good games for young children is notoriously hard. It is, as the […]

The Best Learning Games, Part 3: Reading, Languages and Coding

Reading skills are the other over-represented category in learning games, in addition to math. This is, in a sense, a good thing, given that reading is the #1 skill we need for extensive learning to happen. I’ve often thought that reading skills (both elementary reading and more advanced skills like media literacy) are actually a kind […]

The Best Learning Games, Part 2: Math

There are probably two categories that are over-represented in learning games: basic math and elementary reading. Of course, this should come as no surprise as these are the two most important skills and learning metaskills we have. While many math games are simply variations of drilling math with a cute animal on top, there are […]

The Best Learning Games, Part 1

There are two major challenges for the learning game industry. First, a great learning game is really hard to make. Simply put, a great game is really hard to make. And with a great learning game, you need in addition to figure out a way to make a game that has pedagogic value – without […]

Bridging the Attention Gap

Schools have an increasing challenge in keeping up students’ attention. While Finland scores at the top of pretty much any education evaluation, even in Finland we have pretty big challenges for schoolwork. In a recent research it was found out that 25% of Finnish elementary schoolers suffer from bore-out, whereas one half of them have […]