Why Learning Needs To Be Fun

April 17, 2016

One thing that I bump into constantly is that learning isn’t supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be hard work. I think this is derived from the fact that schools – where learning is supposed to happen – usually demand hard labor from their students. But the thing is, the whole assumption is wrong. […]

Do You Think Your Job Will Survive?

April 5, 2016

This stopped me on the social media a few days ago: “If your job is boring, it will be replaced by a robot soon.” We live in extraordinary times in terms of the evolution of work. There are two reasons for this, both stemming from technology. First, new technology enables massive boosts in productivity. Making […]

Finland and Amazing Education

March 29, 2016

It’s pretty amazing to be Finnish and working with education. Our schools are world renowned. Our educational practices score dozens of Top 10 lists. Our PISA scores are great. Foreigners wax poetic about how amazing our schools are. In a nutshell, Finnish schools are some of the best in the world. Yet Finnish schools are […]

Frustrating Fun

March 24, 2016

Learning, when it happens, is amazing. It’s one of the most inspiring experiences a human can have. This is the rationale behind our maxim at Lightneer that learning should be fun for everybody. Since it often turns out that in our educational settings people feel everything but fun when they’re supposed to learn. So does that […]

The Lightneer Mission

March 21, 2016

Here’s the deal. Innumerable people in the world struggle with learning and understanding. Education is broken: according to recent research, 25% of school kids are bored to death and almost 50% of them have no understanding of why they go to school. Our educational systems are not well equipped to deal with the learning challenges set […]

The Best Learning Games: Roundup

March 20, 2016

In the recent series of blog posts, I listed some of the best learning games I’ve come across from the hundreds or thousands of titles I have tried and tested. Here’s a quick roundup of the best games for easy reference. The Best Learning Games: Overview The Best Learning Games: Math The Best Learning Games: Reading, […]

The Best Learning Games, Part 5: Other Games

In this last piece in the series on the best learning games, I’m listing games that fall outside the previous categories of math, language and preschool games. This includes games addressing biology, geography, astronomy, physics, music and so forth – in other words, a quite wide variety of topics found in schools and educational institutions. These games range from being […]

The Best Learning Games, Part 4: Preschoolers

In the previous posts in this series on the best learning games, I listed some of the best math and language related games. In this post, I take a look at games intended primarily for preschoolers. This is an interesting target group for learning games, given that designing good games for young children is notoriously hard. It is, as the […]

The Best Learning Games, Part 3: Reading, Languages and Coding

Reading skills are the other over-represented category in learning games, in addition to math. This is, in a sense, a good thing, given that reading is the #1 skill we need for extensive learning to happen. I’ve often thought that reading skills (both elementary reading and more advanced skills like media literacy) are actually a kind […]

The Best Learning Games, Part 2: Math

There are probably two categories that are over-represented in learning games: basic math and elementary reading. Of course, this should come as no surprise as these are the two most important skills and learning metaskills we have. While many math games are simply variations of drilling math with a cute animal on top, there are […]