Big Bang in Singapore!

March 27, 2017

That was quite a Big Bang, Singapore! We had such a blast meeting our fans, partners and media at our events and on the streets of Singapore last weekend! First stop on our trip was to pay a visit to Stamford American International School for a 2nd round of workshops after initial gametesting with them last year. […]


March 23, 2017

Singapore, March 23 2017, Angry Birds and Rovio veterans teamed up with the brains from CERN and Oxford to create the best science learning game on the planet, Big Bang Legends. The first game by Finland-based learning game studio Lightneer, integrates both casual and fun gameplay with educational content about particle physics. The Game launches today […]

Evaluating Learning in Big Bang Legends: First Results

March 14, 2017

Creating great learning games is hard. First of all, creating a great game is hard, period. Figuring out how to properly balance characters, narrative, core gameplay and metagame goals so that you want to come back to the game again and again is more art than science. Add to this the additional goal that the […]

Three Theses about Fun Learning

February 16, 2017

Through the years of working with learning games and discussing with educators, we have ended up with three main theses about learning. Learning is Fun Learning is not a boring, gruesome task that must be gamified or funified to make it more palatable. Learning, when it happens, is one of the most amazing experiences we […]

Entertainment, Education and Entrepreneurship

January 27, 2017

How does a post office live with robotic drones? How do taxi and bus entrepreneurs react to self-driving cars? How many data-analysts will artificial intelligence put out of their jobs? We don’t know. Nobody does. How to cope with a changing world? We live in extraordinary times. Accelerated pace of technological and cultural development has caught […]

Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017!

December 21, 2016

Thank you for joining the ride so far! It has been a wonderful year for us at Lightneer. This year we built and soft launched our first game, Big Bang Legends. We started partnerships we are super excited about. We built a truly unique superhero team. We have found amazing people to work with and support our vision. There […]

What It’s Like to Work With Superheroes

December 14, 2016

Sometimes working with Lightneer seems like a dream. That’s because we get to work with people who are so advanced in their skills and understanding that it feels like magic. Superhero team It is a rare day at work when I don’t have my jaw drop at least once. I’m amazed to work with such wonderful people when Alberto explains […]

Big Bang Legends, the Particle Physics Game, Soft Launched in Slush

December 2, 2016

Exciting times! Our first game, the particle physics game Big Bang Legends developed together with experts from CERN, Harvard, Oxford and the University of Helsinki, soft launched exclusively in Slush Finland today. It is now available on the Finnish App Store. We are super excited to share what we have been building since January with the […]

Guest Blog by professor Marcus du Sautoy: Playing, Games and Learning Science

October 6, 2016

Playing is an important part of being scientist. To discover new things, to crack unsolvable problems, to revolutionize our perspective on the universe requires a mindset that is playful and prepared to experiment and explore new stories. That is why I think games have a powerful role to play in stimulating the next Einstein, Mendeleev […]

Game Executive

September 22, 2016

I had the joy of participating a few weeks ago in AaltoEE’s Game Executive training. The one week super intensive bootcamp lasted from 8.30am to 9pm each day. The daytime lectures were given by renowned business professors. The evening sessions consisted of visits to many of Helsinki’s gaming companies, such as Next Games and Playraven, […]