December 30, 2017

A Time to Be Thankful

Well… where do we even start?

The new year is right around the corner, and you can’t avoid reflecting on what has happened and where are you going. December is a time for celebration, but also a time to be thankful…. and we have a lot to be thankful for.

It still feels like yesterday when the first version of Big Bang Legends came out. We didn’t know what to hope for, we didn’t know if people were ready for this kind of educational game, we didn’t know what the reaction was going to be. All we knew is that we wanted to abolish ignorance and inspire future Nobel Prize winners to Particle Physics.


First Version of Big Bang Legends

Screenshot of the first prototype of Big Bang Legends


We’ve come a long way from the original version, so let’s tell you a bit about how everything started.

Did you know that Big Bang Legends was originally called “Small Wonders“? The whole idea came on May 2015, when Lauri Järvilehto and Lauri Konttori gather with a friend of theirs to discuss the possibility of creating a physics learning game.

Also, Big Bang Legends was not originally meant to be the shooting, wombo-combo battle mechanics game it is today. The game was more about fusing atoms to get bigger atoms. After recruiting the first couple of people, the game evolved into mini-golf mechanics, and later changed its name to Big Bang, which became Big Bang Legends around mid-2016.

We are grateful to have found people along the way that were not only talented, but had the same passion and vision for what we wanted to accomplish.  Thanks to all of them, we had some great experiences in 2017. Let’s recap some of those great moments throughout the year:

Big Bang Legends launches for the first time in Singapore


A child playing Big Bang Legends during our release event in Singapore

The starting point for us, followed by our launch in Hong Kong and Finland on May 2017. Later we realised the superpowers of our atom heroes were needed in other selected number of countries for a soft launch. It seemed a long way to go, but now our official global launch is right around the corner. February, here we come!

Celebrities line-up to lend their voices for game characters

Part of what makes a character memorable is not only an incredible design, but also have other aspects to provide more personality to them, allowing people to connect in a better way. We had the pleasure to bring on board top-notch celebrities from Finland and Hollywood. These incredible and talented people gave our bouncy brave atoms a contribution to make them awesome. Special thanks to:

Michael Monroe meets his character Carbon

Rockstar Michael Monroe


Lauri Konttori and Pop Superstar Robin

Robin: Recognised Finnish Popstar


Last but not least we were happy to have Renny Harlin, Hollywood director responsible for films such as A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Deep Blue Sea and many more.

Personally, I saw Michael Monroe live for the first time at Rock the Beach in Helsinki playing side by side with Foo Fighters. Mr. Monroe truly lives up to his reputation of a legend by giving us nothing but the best and most charismatic show I have seen in a long time.

Closing 5M$Funding for Big Bang Legends


Big Bang Legends sore 5 million funding

For us, it was surreal enough to be working with top scientists from CERN, Helsinki and Oxford University throughout the year, but this particular moment made us realise not only the potential Big Bang Legends has for going global, but also how many people believe in us, and what we’r trying to achieve towards a better society. You can read the complete press release about our seed funding.

Big Bang Legends Meets UNICEF


Big Bang Legends meets UNICEF

“A thousand times more fun way to learn the elements and structure of atoms than by rote memorisation in a physics book” – Kai Mykkänen

Kai Mykkänen is the Finnish Minister of Foreign Trade, and here you can see him pitching Big Bang Legends to UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake, at the UN General Assembly.

It’s a Wrap. We’re ready for the new year


As you can see, 2017 has been a remarkable year for us, but also it has been a time where anti-intellectualism or the “dumbing down” society has sadly arise. We are more motivated than ever to help eradicate this, and build a society full of smart, capable and talented people, where the number of future or potential Nobel Prize winners is larger than the number of people who can’t locate their own country in a world map.

But don’t get discouraged. 2017 has not only been great for us, but also for many people and animals around the world. While the news might not show this, there have been many incredible events and discoveries you should know about. Special recognition to all those brave heroes fighting the common enemy with us.

For now, all we have to say is thank you. We are grateful for having a team full of talented people around us, helping us build a great game and a great brand. Special thanks to every single player out there who has gotten to know and love our Atoms.

Until the next time heroes. 2018 will be even greater. Enjoy the new year

Jose Arrias