Greetings Superheroes,

Things have been quite busy around here in our headquarters. There’s a lot to talk about our mobile game, so let’s get straight into it.

First of all, you may have noticed already some big update coming your way, for both Android and iOS devices. This is only the beginning of our upcoming global launch, where we will enhance gameplay, game modes and add a lot of new things to make Big Bang Legends… well, legendary. All this is possible thanks to your constant feedback and hard work from our incredibly talented team.

Now, there’s one very important thing we would like to address:  Yes, the new update will erase your current progress in the game as a beta player. This update is meant to do that to your game as it needs to replace everything so you can enjoy an incredible new experience, gameplay, characters, worlds, among others. Now with this first official version of the game on place, you will not lose your progress again.

It’s time to get to the details. The game will be update in several ways, and we are changing aspects in different categories, let’s talk about the most important and not so technical ones:



  • Transition Improvement: this will help the game to feel consistent and clear, also making it smoother when transitioning between game scenes
  • Additional Abilities: We’re giving some extra love to our atoms by improving their game mechanics. Now, we want to give the characters extra skills to enhance the fun factor within the gameplay. More information about their abilities will be published on further notes. And yes, we are very excited about this, hopefully you are too
  • SUPERPOWERS!: because what’s a hero without them, right? -Batman doesn’t count- Now each character will have a special power to make them more unique. With superpowers available, our heroes will become strong, independent atoms who need no help to defeat antimatter, only yours, of course
  • Wombo-combo system fixes: Now when a player gains combos from core-game actions, it will be visually presented and rewarded accordingly, giving you a better feeling when you manage to do those good combinations
  • New Game Modes: We have some new things for you! We are introducing Pillar, Squishi Fungi and Flowers. There will be one new game mode in every era

Sneak Peek of the new world “Pillars”


  • New Game Elements and Enemies: Now you can enjoy new game elements to make the environment more interactive for you. Also, you will now have powerful and yet adorable looking enemies to fight against, let’s introduce them to you:


Doom Shrooms

These round-headed monsters will use their sharp, powerful heads to attack you with all their strength if you come too close to them. You better watch out!




As if the name is not scary enough for our heroes, a Bombamatter are ranged enemies ready to attack you from far away





They might not be dangerous, but they surely are annoying. Antislim does not have any attack damage, but if you happen to hit one of them, you will bounce back to a random location, not allowing you to reach your target.



Don’t let their adorable appearance fool you, as they can easily take your health bar down in the blink of an eye, or bounce you away from your goal. Now, back to the rest.

  • Core Game Assets: Things got even more fun, sticky, bouncy and pointy for you with the introduction of new elements that can harm or boost your stats
  • Collectible Gems: These new collectibles will be available by bashing into enemies and getting them as you do the levels. They can be used to purchase protons and unlock new amazing superheroes!


  • Visual Update and Character Creation: You can now have an  improved user experience when gaining collectibles your character(s) needs
  • Made of Atoms System: This a new system aimed to considerably enhance the feeling of gameplay and progression beyond the core game. This allows you to implement feature-related achievements, providing you with more milestones to thrive for
  • QR Code System: We introduce you to our first social feature of the game! This system enables users to share collected character blueprints among each other via QR scanning. More info and tutorials about this will come later, we just wanted to share the excitement


  • XP Booster: Players will now have a more rewarded feeling (hopefully) when watching adds to gain collectibles
  • Visual Improvement of Different Valued Rewards
  • Timed Event System: We heard you loud and clear, so now players will have temporary special events with special rewards. The type and duration of the event will vary to keep you excited
  • Presents: We got caught up in the Christmas spirit, and we have now permanently enabled daily gifts for the players to keep your collection up and running


  • Shop System: We have improved our store and now you can purchase various assets such as boosters, protons, soft/premium currency, vanity items among others. You also have different types of currency that will allow you to get various types of rewards

This is only the beginning, and our team is working hard to compensate the replacement of your current progress in the game with incredible new features. We understand there might be players that will get upset with the game progress reboot, and we hope this new beginning will give you the same feeling of excitement than when you first played it.

There is a long battle ahead against ignorance. And as the enemy grows in numbers, we will grow smarter! Download our mobile game Big Bang Legends on Android or iOS.



Until the next note heroes, thank you for your support.




Jose Arrias