The reason Lightneer exists is that too many kids are not treated fairly by our educational systems. Thousands of kids grow up thinking they are stupid because they aren’t interested in going to school or doing their homework. A straight line of solid D’s won’t make anyone feel good or competent.

Learning is a Bridge

My little brother Paavo was one of these kids. He was a straight D student, struggling to get through school. But he got lucky. Paavo found Photoshop. With his passion about creating amazing visuals and movies he went on to become one of the most accomplished creative directors in Finland, having been in charge of global ad campaigns for brands like Nokia and Finnair.

But many straight D kids are not lucky. And this needs to change.

There are no stupid people. There are simply people who know already and people who don’t know yet. Learning is the bridge from not knowing to knowing. As learning is always hard work, you need to have the spark to learn, the love to learn, to get going. This is why learning games can make a huge difference.

In Hong Kong every 1 out of 10 kids has gaming addiction. That’s really scary. But what if that addiction could be redefined so that it would actually do good for them? If games would, in fact, work as bridges between what naturally excites kids (gaming) to what will support them through their entire lives (learning)?

Making Great Learning Games

If we – meaning Lightneer and all other studios interested in making great learning games – are capable of creating learning game experiences that are as compelling as the best gaming experiences, we can build that bridge for all those straight D kids who don’t get school but do get games. We can show these kids that actually, when you look at it the right way, particle physics and chemistry – or why not history or new languages – can be super exciting.

Once you get the excitement going, there’s no holding back the learning. When you have the spark to learn, the love to learn, you’ll learn using whatever you can get your hands on. Whether it be a tablet, a book – or a school class lecture.

But the spark needs to be there.

There are no stupid people. There are simply people who don’t yet know and people who already do. It’s time we built the bridge to get everybody to the side of learning.

Lauri Jarvilehto Lauri is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Lightneer