Press release: Learning Game Studio Lightneer Changes Business Focus To Produce Atom Socks

HELSINKI, April 1st, 2017

EDIT: This was of course bit of an April Fools post but we do have our socks soon available online!

In the wake of the very successful hyperlocal premiere of the particle physics experience Big Bang Legends in Singapore, the learning game studio Lightneer changes business focus to start producing atom socks.

“While the games offer a good platform for business growth and substantial learning results, socks are an order of magnitude more significant business. Everybody needs socks, especially socks that have been produced from real atoms,” says Peter Vesterbacka, Brand Breaker of Lightneer.

Lightneer guarantees their entire sock lineup will be constructed 100% from certified real atoms. The lineup will debut with Helium-themed socks. Lightneer plans to expand sock business to cover all of the 118 atoms in the Periodic Table of Elements by the end of 2017.

“Mismatching pairs of socks are a big thing with the youth,” says Lightneer CEO Lauri Järvilehto. “Big Bang Legends fans can combine different socks to represent their feelings. For example, on a rainy day a fan can wear a Hydrogen sock and an Oxygen sock to represent the H2O in the watery weather.”

With the new business focus, Lightneer will move the sock production to Slovakia. In a recent state visit to meet Slovakia’s ministers and influencers, Lightneer negotiated a collaboration deal with the Bratislava-based Funny Sox who will produce the Big Bang Legends socks.

“This collaboration represents a great opportunity to combine the strengths of Finnish and Slovak business savvy,” says His Excellence, Slovakia’s ambassador to Finland, Tibor Kralik. “Making socks out of real atoms is no problem for Slovakian manufacturing expertise. After all Slovakia, at the heart of the EU, is already well known for producing more cars per capita than any other nation on the planet.”

Lightneer Helium socks will be on sale starting May 1st 2017. They can be purchased in Lightneer’s brand new web shop together with other Big Bang Legends merchandise such as board games and card games. The web shop can be found at

Lightneer will be attending CERN in Finland Roadshow at Aalto Design Factory on Thursday 6th April, Betonimiehenkuja 5, 02150, Espoo, FI More info here.


For more information, contact:

Hanna Toivonen, Lightneer PR & Comms Manager +358 504266200

Atom Socks featuring Helium