March 27, 2017

Big Bang in Singapore!

That was quite a Big Bang, Singapore!

Thank you Singapore!

We had such a blast meeting our fans, partners and media at our events and on the streets of Singapore last weekend!

First stop on our trip was to pay a visit to Stamford American International School for a 2nd round of workshops after initial gametesting with them last year. In fact they were the first ones to try the the launch version of Big Bang Legends in the world – and we can honestly say we both enjoyed it immensely! Here’s a video of our time at SAIS, you can see how much fun we had! We also participated in Singapore Ministry of Education’s Buildathon as mentors and judges, and here’s our team giving out balloons on the streets of Singapore and telling more about the game.

Street team in Singapore

#1 in Singapore!













So you can image that it was pretty exciting to see the game reaching quickly the #1 position on educational games category! It’s available on Singapore AppStore for free!

Media reaction

During our game launch we had the pleasure to talk with great journalists. Some of these interviews can be read online such as this great Channel NewsAsia feature. Game culture medias such as Gameaxis and Geek Culture enjoyed the game and our big mission behind it. Games truly can spark love for learning!

Lauri and Peter on TV

Mashable put us on their front page, and in few days we’ve had close to 5000 shares already. And our favourite science guys – Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye’s Star Talk Radio featured us on their Facebook page. Not bad for a game that is only launched in Singapore for now!




So what’s next!

Singapore didn’t see the last of us, we’ll be back! And Dylan Soh, who was at our media event, inspiring us with his stories and guitar playing, will join us in Finland in July for an internship. How fun is that?

Big thank you to everybody who downloaded the game and came to say hi! You are the true legends!

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