Thank you for joining the ride so far! It has been a wonderful year for us at Lightneer.

This year we built and soft launched our first game, Big Bang Legends. We started partnerships we are super excited about. We built a truly unique superhero team. We have found amazing people to work with and support our vision. There is still a lot of work to do to make our vision reality. But it is, as our Brand Breaker Peter likes to say, a good start.

We are excited to look forward to the New Year 2017.

Now we’re shutting down shop for two weeks to give all the Lightneers a well deserved break. We’ll be back to work on January 9th, with a ton of new tricks up our sleeves. We hope to see many of you also in the coming year, to build together a new future of learning.

Have a Wonderful Christmas and an Amazing New Year!

Lauri Jarvilehto Lauri is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Lightneer