Exciting times! Our first game, the particle physics game Big Bang Legends developed together with experts from CERN, Harvard, Oxford and the University of Helsinki, soft launched exclusively in Slush Finland today. It is now available on the Finnish App Store.

We are super excited to share what we have been building since January with the world. The soft launch version is very early stage, introducing some of the first atoms and particle physics concepts. We have a ton of goodies up our sleeves, both in terms of gameplay and learning, coming your way in the next updates.

But here we go!

Are you ready to fight antimatter monsters?
Say what?

A mix of particle physics and full blown action game. Learning has never been so fun!

COLLECT AND ASSEMBLE ATOM LEAGUES – Collect the Atom Heroes like Helium and Neon and put together your Atom League! Only the best teams can get through the trickier levels.

BLAST ANTIMATTER MONSTERS – They might appear cute, but these antimatter monsters are up to no good. Blast them into pieces with the particle shooter before they make everything disappear!

ATOM SIZED EPIC QUESTS – Join these building blocks of the universe on microcosmic quests and wacky missions through time and space. Black holes, neutrons, elements at action – this is mad science!

“The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together.” Carl Sagan


(If you don’t have a a Finnish App Store account, join our beta testing programme to get early access to the game.)

Lauri Jarvilehto Lauri is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Lightneer