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We believe in learning games. We have learned through years of research that games are amazing platforms for learning. Every great game is a learning experience.

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Mission Statement

Here’s the deal. Innumerable people in the world struggle with learning and understanding. Education is broken: according to recent research, 25% of school kids are bored to death and almost 50% of them have no understanding of why they go to school…

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What if a four-year-old could learn particle physics?  Big Bang Legends helps you learn topics like atomic composition, nuclear fusion and the periodic table!


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Lightneer Team

Our team are gaming veterans with backgrounds at industry leaders like Rovio, Gameloft, Digital Chocolate and Eidos. Combined, we have shipped dozens of games, many of which were global #1 hits.

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If you love to make games come alive, and want to join us creating some of the world’s most revolutionary games, we want to hear from you! Look for an open position below and apply now!

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Lightneer At Slush 2016 - Michael Monroe

Science and learning is definitely rock and roll #madeofatoms.
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